Pilates Lessons By Bilge In Dubai


If you want to start pilates or yoga in Dubai I am a personal trainer. I have long time experience espeacially in pilates.


When you will start pilates you will feel the difference in 3 weeks. With a good diet and pilates you will start to loose weight and also build up your back muscles evenly.


By pilates exercises also your backpain disappers completly and you feel very healty.



  Yoga Lessons By Bilge In Dubai


  A yoga session takes about 1,5 hours and

 there are three basic parts in the yoga

 session.The first part is breath (Pranayama), second part is poses (asanas), and the third is relaxation (meditation). The benefits of these treatments are already proofed by scientifically and America is being  applied to whole world.


 "The first condition of happiness is physical health" (Joseph H. Pilates).


Pilates and Yoga are smart exercise systems. In the movements performed, the breath runs in a coordinated position with the anatomy of the body and at the end of this, our spirits and our bodies are affected positively. It is very proud for me to experience this on my students for years and to see happy people in my work life.



Pilates makes your body thinner when it is made with a good diet. Exercises make the muscles stronger; strong muscles strengthen the bones, and straighten up the posture. Our backpain disappers completly.


With Pilates professional sportsmen build up the muscles which are left unstrong, improve the balance between the muscles and improve the performance. Pilates also reduces the injuries to a minimum level.


Pilates is the best assistant also for the people who have physical disability.


Briefly there are many proved benefits that we can not count and all of these increase our life quality. When you will decide to increase your life quality, with pleasure I will make you training. Please contact with me. Thank you.